Rufus browed conebill
Cock of the rock
Saffron crowned tanager
Blue backed conebill
Lacrimose mountain tanager
Rainbow bearded thornbill
Torrent duck
Golden-fronted whitestart
Crescent faced antpitta
Buff winged starfrontlet
Purple backed thornbill
Blue winged chlorophonia
Multi colored tanager
Red headed barbet
Brown violetear
Sword billed hummingbird
Golden bellied starfrontlet
Chestnut crowned antpitta
Rufus collared sparrow and bronzed cowbird
Saffron crowned tanager
Red ruffed fruitcrow
Shinning sunbeam
Multicolored tanager
Golden naped tanager
Stout billed cinclodes
Blue capped tanager
Buff breasted mountain tanager
Red headed barbet
Multicolored tanager
Scarlet bellied mountain tanager
Chestnut headed oropendula