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Supreet Sahoo is an avid birdwatcher and photographer with a specialty in Tropical bird photography in Latin America. His work has been featured in reputed publications like the BBC Earth, National Geographic Spain, and Sanctuary Asia along with several other publications and journals.

Born in India and now settled in Austin-US, Supreet’s love for photography started when he was handed his dad’s Yashica point & shoot camera while on a family trip to a national park in Eastern India.

With an on-field experience of 15 years, Supreet has explored several parts of India, however, his specialty niche lies in tropical bird photography in Latin America. He has been working with naturalists and guides in Central and South American rainforests to establish a network, device conservation methods, and conduct bird photo tours to bring awareness about the diverse wildlife and birds these diverse countries hold.

During his years in the tropical rainforests, Supreet has photographed over 3000 species of birds and his list keeps growing. Supreet’s aim is to keep expanding my portfolio for the world to see how beautiful and fragile wildlife is and how important it is to conserve, be aware, and appreciate them.

With a similar vision, he started his bird photo tour company - Tropical Photo Tours in 2017. The tours help photographers from all over the world witness the diverse birds the Latin American rainforests host while helping local communities, guides, and economies of these countries who depend on eco-tourism. From seeing owls and quetzals in private farms in Costa Rica to finding Cock of the Rock leks in private farms in Colombia – he makes sure, he helps his guests get the best images possible! 


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Canon 16-35mm F2.8 II

Canon 100mm macro F2.8 

Rokinon 8.5mm Fish Eye 

Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC 

Canon 600mm F4 IS2


Camera Bodies: 

Canon R5 Mirorless Full Frame

Canon 5d III Full Frame



  • Gitzo GT5543LS Systematic Series 5 

  • Gimbal Head - Wimberly WH 200

  • Custom Brackets Tilt Head Flash Mount

  • Vello TTL-Off-Camera Flash Cord for Canon


Additional gear: 

  • Flash Units - 6 Yongnuo 600 ex-rt's

  • Controller - YN-E3-RT  

  • DJI Mavic Pro 

  • Bolt cyclone battery pack 

  • Gura Gear 


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