As a full-time wildlife photographer, I have worked with 100's of species of wild animals across the world and during this time I have shared my knowledge to many photographers both on and off the field. 2020 has been a year that has restricted my travel to the rainforests which is why I would like you to take advantage of the situation and learn from me. 

Here are the topics we could discuss: 

  • Introduction to wildlife photography for beginners - gear, basic technical aspects, etc. 

  • Gear recommendations discussions 

  • How and where to photograph a certain species 

  • How to make money from wildlife photography  

  • How to choose the right business in wildlife 

  • Can you quit your day job and turn into a full-time photographer? 

  • How to edit an image? 

  • What software is right for you? 

  • Why is post-processing important? 

  • How to grow your social media account? 

  • ...... 

The list is endless but I will find the answers for you. The sessions are completely private and on a 1-1 basis only. We will go through various scenarios to understand your challenges and work on them together. Fill up the form and choose a time to book your slot now!