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Workshop Intro


Custom workshops are a great way to run private tours. The cost of these trips varies based on the days, dates, size of group and activities. Currently, I only provide custom workshops in South Texas, Costa Rica, Himalayas and Ecuador. 



Everything on these workshops is built to suit your needs and demands. Species, locations, lodging travel is decided by the clients prior to the trip.

Some of the key learning objectives during these trips include but not limited to:

  • How to compose a pleasing image

  • Understanding light

  • Flight photography tips

  • Basic camera setup

  • Digital workflow


Why choose this?

  • During my trips, I ensure that my guests get maximum exposure to the rainforests, understand its challenges and how to overcome them and go back with some memorable images.

  • My work has been published by multiple printing houses and will impart years of experience and knowledge during the workshop days




The cost of there are decided based on:

  • Locations

  • Number of people

  • Number of days

  • Travel mode

  • Lodge and food preferences

  • Etc



Suggested Equipment:

  • It is recommended that each participant brings the following equipment:

    • A digital SLR and a lens of 300mm or greater.

    • A tripod is recommended

    • A wide angle lens

    • A flash



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